Successor arrangements and hand-over agreements
The hand-over to the next generation will be successful if based on solid emotional foundations. Generation change in family-run enterprises is a process which is characterized by steps of letting go and taking over responsibility. This process requires time and is a good investment in a successful hand-over.

Prior to a successful hand-over:
It highly depends on the motivation of the donor and recipient. The clearer the perception of all parties involved is, the easier all parties will succeed in supporting this development, as an individual and within the family circle. Furthermore: The hand-over itself will be successful. I support you in implementing solutions.

Typical challenges during this phase:
  What can my life be like after the hand-over?
  How can my very personal hand-over process look like and ideally be shaped and formed?
  Who will steer and manage the process?
  How can one succeed in addressing topics frankly and comfortably?
  Which leadership skills will I need to develop as a successor?
  What does our family and company / enterprise need for this change?

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