During the phase of handing over:
Sharing life work and experience. This requires the trust of all involved individuals into each other. This is a phase in which I specially commit myself. Crucial in this phase is an open and clear communication between all involved. This is due to the fact that this process, besides of objective facts, also includes personal values, perception and feelings.

Typical challenges during this phase:
  How can we gain a clear vision of the future business orientation?
  What does the hand-over from donor to recipient really look like itself?
  Which steps will both take jointly?
  Which role will the donor play after the hand-over?

After completion of handing over:
After the hand-over an independent, separate phase of the company´s development begins. I support you in finding the adequate balance between maintaining well-developed structures and necessary changes for a sustainable and positive future.

Typical challenges during this phase:
  How do we keep the balance between family tradition and changes for a sustainable future?
  Has the change taken place without any burdens of the past?
  How do I develop an independent course,
    which corresponds to my own way of being an entrepreneur?
  How can present operations be optimized?
  How can the relation between predecessor and successor be reshaped?

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