Accompaniment and moderation of family conferences
The family conference is more than a family meeting: It focuses on the business aiming at keeping the family an entity. Despite of a family possibly meeting daily a family conference overcomes routine as it serves as a formal framework. The next generation is naturally integrated. The knowledge about the business and the interest in the business thereby gets passed on to the next generation. I support you in the process by writing down your answers in the * family constitution. That creates identity, togetherness and clarity.

These issues need to be resolved:
  Which personal expectations does each individual have?
  Is there consensus on values and objectives within your entrepreneurial family?
  Which future role does the family want to have within the business?
  Does the family want to take influence by shaping the development of the business?
    Which tasks does the family want to take over?
  Who will playing which role?
  Which questions within this circle are of vital importance and which are unimportant?
  Which questions do you face as an entrepreneurial family?
  What will be kept within this circle and what will be made public?
  What needs to be considered in the case of a conflict?