Mediation and conflict resolution in family-run businesses
Due to the close linkage of family and business there are conflict traps within family-run businesses which can cause quite dynamic developments. If escalated conflicts are handed over to lawyers they are often even prolonged and grow worse. To make things worse, a dispute/conflict, which is only settled at court quite often continues subliminal, simply to break out again even twice as worse after some time.

Mediation connects matter, emotion and relation
A structurized dialogue enables an open and respectful communication. A clarification of issues is possible as both parties reach a clear way of thinking. Thereby a solution can be found which will be accepted and supported by all parties involved thanks to a reachable win-win-situation. This special process quality of mediation creates facts in the family and in the business, thus stabilizing both systems.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and know all conflict traps from the inside and the outside. Therefore I offer you to choose the way of mediation to sustainably solve conflicts in a manner that satisfies all parties involved.