Proprietor consultation
Proprietors of family-run business often face demanding questions such as:
  What does a hand-over look like and how can it ideally be managed?
  How can the family-run-business sustainably be successful?
  Which leadership skills does the successor need to develop and how?
  How do we keep up a joint interest in the business and cohesion within the family?
  How do we solve conflicts within the family and shareholders/proprietors?
  What means of conflict preventation do we have?
  What can my life be like after hand-over?
Entrepreneurs, managers and people, who are used to make their own decisions, often tend to rather find their own way of answering such questions.
Even if they finally have to decide themselves it does not necessarily mean that they have to find a decision on their own. For finding a sound life- and work-perspective I support you as a conversation and sparrings partner, whom you can trust. I listen carefully, can empathize emotions and reconsider and discuss various possible ways with you.

Especially during the preparation of a hand-over I intensively study the history of your business. Doing so enables to comprehend expectations, concerns, needs and theoretical models and to shape the hand-over process in a respectful and successful way.