Hand-over to an external manager
A third generation entrepreneurial family was quite aware of the importance of a multi-stage development process during the hand-over. Because the eldest son, who wants to succeed, still has to complete university studies and a stay abroad, an external manager was appointed. The entrepreneurial family assigned me to shape the hand-over senior-management from the proprietor to the external manager. This required intensive talks with all those involved. By exercising a clear processing structure we managed to implement an open communication on all levels and also to address and clear fears, concerns and expectations. The way of the structure of the process strengthened family and business. The family decided to implement an advisory board simultaneously to the appointment of the external manager. An important step in order to decouple the interdependence of family and business. After the successful hand-over I was assigned to development a family constitution in the following family conferences. A further step enabled the addressing of differences, to clearly describe them and to find normative specifications. This keeps the family together, connects and ensures the business an important resource in the future.