Profile Ildigo Juhasz
The consultant for family-run businesses and entrepreneurial families
I come from a family-run business and have experienced and lived through all facettes. Since 2006 I consult family-run businesses and entrepreneurial families in times of change. My work is based on longtime management experience and joint responsibility in the own family-run business.

I am fascinated by the way life and work, family and business can be closely connected. And I also know the impacts when they confront each other as hostile forces. Today I am an entrepreneur myself and as a consultant able to contribute to the success of family-run businesses.

For family-run businesses are more successful – if they are backed by a family! Trust, stability, values and sense of family are enormous competitive advantages – if it can be managed to use the family as a resource.

Family-run businesses are more endangered though – if
you have a family as a millstone round your neck! Loss of trust, disappointed relationships, lack of loyalty can have an impact on the business.

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